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It’s hard to believe it, but it is already time to sign up for your Mug Club Membership for 2016! Remember, there are just 50 spots open for the year. In case you don’t recall, here is a description of Mug Club Benefits and how it works.

For new members, starting today, 10/1, anything number not currently taken for 2016 up for grabs! All new memberships are $150 (tax included). Click here for details about the Mug Club membership.

Current Members: We sent out information about Mug Club renewals for 2016 back in September. Mug Club Renewals are $125 (tax included) if you want to keep your mug and reserve your number for 2016. Any current member who wants to keep their number had to renew before 10/1/2015. All numbers are now up for grabs on a first come first serve basis. This means, you CAN still renew, but you may or may not get to keep your number if you haven’t renewed already.

As usual, we will introduce a new style of mug for the year. This year, we will provide a list ahead of time of each scheduled free mug according to our 2016 availability calendar. As you know from past years, we frequently release one-offs throughout the year that do not appear on our annual availability calendar. We’ll send out the message via the Brewsletter and the Mug Club email list so you know when our brewers have something special for you to try. If we’re offering it in a pint, we will make sure you get a free mug of it the month it comes out!

We will also be bringing back the Lucky Mug #13 Raffle!  This means, you can’t have #13 (sorry!).  Instead, we will raffle it off. Starting today, we will have raffle tickets for sale at the Tap Room through 12/31/15. We will announce the lucky winner on New Year’s Day 2016. Mug Club Membership will be effective 1/2/16 just like everyone else.  All proceeds will go to benefit the Hamilton Food Cupboard.

HEADS UP! Starting 2016, We will no longer be offering beers over 8% ABV in pints at the Tap Room. This means, a certain year round beer will no longer be available in your mug. FEAR NOT, you’ll still be able to drink Annie by the (smaller than pint) glass and take your mug club discount every time. As a consolation, your Mug Club Discount will now extend to EVERYTHING at the Tap Room. That’s right! Instead of your discount applying to just beer, 2016 Mug Clubbers will be able to take 10% off their entire ticket. Apparel? Yes!  Glassware? Yes! Food items? Yes!

Now, it’s not that we don’t think Mug Clubbers can’t handle a mug of Annie. We are implementing this change as part of our ongoing efforts to:

  • Serve beer in proper vessels in accordance with style and alcohol content
  • Ensure the Tap Room continues to be a safe and family friendly environment

As always, contact us any questions you might have!

We hope you’ll sign up for 2016! We are working to make each year better than the last!MUG CLUB DESCRIPTION 2016