You may have seen the gorgeous hand-crafted mugs hanging over the bar at Good Nature’s Tap Room. The 50 folks who get to keep their very own mug on hand are our Mug Club! They get great perks, like free mugs of beer, 20oz. pours for the pint price, and a 10% discount on all their full-price purchases at both the Good Nature Farm Brewery & Tap Room! All the details are below.


Your chance to be part of Good Nature’s 2018 Mug Club is coming soon. A Mug Club membership makes a great gift as well—one that will keep your favorite person happy all year long. Come see us at the Good Nature Tap Room to register!

Sept. 30: 2017 Mug Club Renewals Close
2017 Mug Clubbers have the month of September to renew their number. The cost is $125 to renew with your current mug OR $150 to renew with a new 2018 Mug (and take your current mug home!). Current Mug Clubbers can wait until October to renew, but they may lose their number if someone else claims it.
Oct. 3: Mug Club Sign-Ups Open, Mug #13 Raffle Opens
Any numbers not renewed by Sept. 30 will be available for anyone to claim. The cost for new members is $150. Raffle tickets for lucky Mug #13 will be sold from Oct. 3rd to Dec. 31st at both the Farm Brewery and Tap Room.
Jan. 2: Mug Club 2018 Begins and the winner of Mug #13 is announced!

Remember, while the Mug Club 10% discount is valid at both the Farm Brewery & Tap Room, Mug Club renewals and sign-ups are only done at the Tap Room. Raffle tickets may be purchased at both locations. 


The amazing Leslie at LGG Creative Art will be crafting our mugs again and we will have the 2018 Mug on display at the Good Nature Tap Room!

2017 Mugs in Process