About Us

Our mission:

To contribute to a socially, economically, and ecologically thriving community, and to foster a sense of pride, ownership and a deeper connection to home through truly GOOD NATURED BEER.

Who are we?

Good Nature is a homegrown family-owned craft brewery & Tap Room in Hamilton, NY. Founded as a 2BBL Nano-Brewery by a couple of crazy kids in 2010, we are our county’s first brewery and are among New York State’s first Farm Breweries. Sustainability and building a beer culture in our rural NY home have always been central to our company’s mission.  We now operate our new Farm Brewery and a Tap Room in Hamilton, NY.

What is our specialty?

We handcraft all-natural ales brewed with local ingredients. Our ales are completely unfiltered, unpasteurized, and contain no artificial additives or adjuncts. We aim to brew Farm-to-Glass Beers –sourcing locally as much as possible. As a Farm Brewery, we are committed to sourcing the ingredients in our beers from NY State Farmers. Because we believe our beers and our actions can enrich our community and our region, we aim to apply the farm-to-glass ethos to all aspects of our company. We make a point of sourcing locally whenever possible from the hops & grains in our beers, to the food in our restaurant, to packaging materials and beyond.

Our Story

Co-Founders, and now husband-wife team, Carrie Blackmore & Matt Whalen, established Good Nature Brewing in 2010. They set out to open the first nano-brewery in their region with the goal of bringing truly local, farm-to-glass beer to the area. The couple developed GNB’s original recipes out of various kitchens, from old farmhouses to studio apartments, to Carrie’s mom’s house, over the course of about a year. In 2011, relying on old and new friends to help, Carrie and Matt physically renovated the original brewery space and installed a 2bbl brew house and began producing GNB’s first official brews. GNB’s original 300ft2 tasting room in front of the brewery opened in January 2012 and could only offer customers samples, growler fills & kegs.

For the first 6 months, Matt & Carrie could only make enough beer to supply GNBs tasting room and a single retailer—the Colgate Inn in Hamilton—so they embarked on an expansion after just a few short weeks. It was at this time Carrie and Matt found GNB’s first hire—a full time brewer with more brains & patience than the both of us, and at least as much creativity and passion.  Our new 7bbl brew house arrived the day before Carrie and Matt were married in June 2012. Two days after the wedding, the team of three, again with help from good friends, installed the system and started brewing as quickly as we could.  Shortly thereafter, we began self-distributing our beers to about 40 retailers.

In February 2013, we became one of NY’s first Farm Breweries and, in May 2013, we became the first Farm Brewery to take advantage of opening a branch location by opening our Tap Room in downtown Hamilton where we could offer our beer by the glass. We converted our small tasting room at the brewery to production space, and moved all retail operations downtown. Just two months later, in July 2013, we increased production yet again and partnered with our first regional distributor. By December 2013, we had partnered with a second distributor and hired our first sales representative. Less than a year later, by June 2014, the brewery had increased its production by another 85%, had a team of about 10, and over 200 retail accounts. Between Spring 2014 and Summer 2015, with the addition of new tanks, we officially maxed out our little brewery’s production capacity and officially embarked on our expansion project to build our Farm Brewery at 1727 12B in Hamilton.

In January 2017, we officially closed the original Milford Street Brewery and moved operations to our new Farm Brewery Facility. The Farm Brewery is now home to our offices, our production facility, as well as an onsite Tap Room featuring a Farm-to-Table and outdoor Beer Garden. The Broad Street Tap Room remains open in downtown Hamilton. The Good Nature family and our operation has grown a lot in a short time. We are proud to be able to welcome you to our new home, and show you all the exciting things we’re up to.