We are incredibly excited to announce Good Nature Farm Brewery & Tap Room’s chef: Alicyn Hart.

It wouldn’t be accurate to say we’re “introducing” her, as Alicyn has been a pioneer of the local food movement in CNY for over a decade. She owned and operated Circa in Cazenovia from 2006-2014, where she developed a loyal following of customers who appreciated the quality of her farm-to-table cuisine as well as the ethic behind it: to support local producers and connect people with the land around them.

We asked Alicyn a few questions to provide background for those of you not fortunate enough to be familiar with her work and a glimpse of what this new collaboration with Good Nature will mean:


What experiences led to your particular approach to food and cooking?

I have always been driven by what the local agriculture provides. Three years bumming around Europe, supporting myself by bartending and cooking in hostels and Pensioni, honed my style of simple, regional, soulful fare. Also, my most recent stint of opening a restaurant in Waterbury,VT—home of the Alchemist—acclimated me to the craft beer culture.

What excites you about working in a brewery setting?

My first “serious” cooking job was at the Great Northern Tavern in Summit County, Colorado, in 1997, a brewery at the base of Keystone Mountain. I enjoy the atmosphere of being in a manufacturing facility, or more specifically, in a place where everything is made on site. I like the smell, I like the process, and of course the finished product!

How do you think cooking in a brewery will influence your menu/style?

I look forward to exploring the current hype of beer-centric menus, beer braising, and beer-based sauces and pairings.

What can we expect from the menu?

The menu is inspired by a classic Belgian Hall. It will include shareables like Begian Frites, Moules (mussels), and charcuterie alongside an entrée list featuring wood-fired flatbreads and pub-style burgers and sandwiches on Utica Bread.