We released two beers on September 23rd during the inaugural Great Chocolate Wrecktoberfest: 2017’s batches of Amärzican and Great Chocolate Wreck!

This is the 6th annual brew of the Great Chocolate Wreck, and it is the same as the last couple of years, just revamped for our new High Efficiency Brew System (HEBS).  We’ve packaged it up in 375ml bottles, with a classy new look using black bottle caps. The bottles are $1/bottle less than last year at just $7.95 a bottle (plus deposit).  There is a very limited supply, and bottles are available individually or by the case at both the Good Nature Farm Brewery and the Tap Room.

The Amärzican (pronounced uh-mair-tzih-ken as in “America” or “air”) is our take on a Märzen, a traditional Oktoberfest beer. It is a medium bodied, amber colored ale. It’ll be going into distribution, so ask your favorite pub to carry it! It’s a perfect beer to ease you into fall.