COMING SATURDAY TO THE TAP ROOM ONLY: “Auf Wiedershehen, Hamilton!” A crisp & slightly spicy Dusseldorf Style Altbier brewed with local Liberty & Wilamette hops. This beer is our former head brewer, Marc’s love letter to our Hamilton community. Marc writes, “Saying so long is never easy, so let’s do it with a beer. Created with friends and beer lover’s in mind, Auf Wiedersehen, Hamilton is a balanced blend of aromatic and roasted malts for a rich and intense flavor and bitterness from both malts and hops. The Liberty and New York grown Willamette hops give this beer a touch of spice and citrus flavor and aroma. Designed with you in mind, Hamilton, to say thanks and auf wiedersehen. So long, until we meet again. It has been my pleasure.”