image1We brewed a very special Oak Aged Saison we’re calling “Divine Symmetry.” (Aren’t we humble!?)  Divine Symmetry was Oak Aged for 5 Months. and then dry hopped with Liberty, Citra, and NY Willamette.

This is a one off beer only available at the Tap Room by the glass and growler fill so you’ll have to come in and see if it lives up to its name! And, yes!  Mug Clubbers will get an unexpected free mug of this brew as their last freebie of the season for the month of December.

The way symmetry in a poem is pleasing to the ear, this beer is pleasing to the palate. The rustic character of a farmhouse saison aged in oak melds perfectly with American and NY hops to create a divine performance that leaves your palate pleading for a refrain. 7.7% ABV