Good Nature’s Brews

Our Flagship Blonde Ale may be Good Natured but she doesn’t lack in substance! Light and biscuity yet bold & malty, her crisp finish will leave you thirsty for more.

Alcohol (ABV): 4.5%
Hops (IBU): 16
Color (SRM): 5

This brew represents years of tireless tweaking and testing of our recipe going all the way back to our homebrew days. Potent with aromas of tropical fruit, melon, and mouthwatering pine and gooseberry flavors. Medium to light bodied with a bitter semi dry finish.

Alcohol (ABV): 6.2%
Hops (IBU): 40
Color (SRM): 4.7

A straw-colored session IPA that delivers waves of generous fruity characters and hops to the nose and plate. This brew is so easy drinking you may never want to stop. New York wheat malt and locally rolled oats imparts a silky medium body and blight haze while New York hops contribute subtly herbal finish.

Alcohol (ABV): 4.0%
Hops (IBU): 35
Color (SRM): 2.7

Not your average brown ale! Full bodied and dark with pronounced chocolate & toffee flavors. The addition of punchy local hops balances this beer to a smooth yet robust finish.

Alcohol (ABV): 6.2%
Hops (IBU): 47
Color (SRM): 27

Limited Release

Originally brewed to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary. We were so taken with Annie, we kept her on as a part of our core lineup. A complex & juicy imperial IPA that’s surprisingly drinkable. A simple grain bill allows the hops to really shine, with tropical fruits and lemon on the nose. Balanced by a bitter finish.

Alcohol (ABV): 8.5%
Hops (IBU): 70
Color (SRM): 5

Wort is Bond II is a collaboration brew between Good Nature Farm Brewery and Brown’s Brewing Co., our friends in New York’s Capital Region who have been craft beer champions since 1993. Wort is Bond II is a New England Style Pale Ale with generous helpings of oats, NYS wheat, and NYS pale malt. The oats and wheat make up a remarkable 60% of the grain bill, which is made possible by Good Nature’s High Efficiency Brew System. The brew is dry-hopped with Vic Secret hops, layering an aroma of earthy pine meets pineapple meets grapefruit onto the full body provided by the grain bill and added lactose. The taste of pineapple, guava, and passionfruit will leave you asking the bartender for another. Available only at Good Nature and Brown’s locations.
Alcohol (ABV): 5.0%

New England IPAs are known for their haze and fruity character, and Moxie Fruit is a perfect example. You’ll experience orange and mango notes that combine with a creamy body to make this special brew drink like a tropical dreamsicle.

Alcohol (ABV): 6.0%
Hops (IBU): 40

(pronounced uh-mair-tzih-can as in “America” or “air”)
This is our take on a Märzen. It is a medium bodied, amber colored ale. We fermented at much lower temperatures than usual to keep the Amärzican as crystal clear, clean, and crisp as the traditional lager style.
Alcohol (ABV): 5.8%
Hops (IBU): 22

An imperial chocolate stout brewed with cocoa nibs & cocoa powder to commemorate the day, in September 1955, that a freight train carrying a load of Nestle chocolate derailed from the Ontario and Western Railroad in Hamilton just yards from our brewery.

Brewed annually in September, available on draft and in 375ml bottles while it lasts.

Alcohol (ABV): 10%
Hops (IBU): 52
Color (SRM): 42

Originally brewed only on the Winter Solstice, our Nitro Oat Stout may be imbued with dark magical properties. Exceptionally smooth, this brew also features a restrained roastiness and slight caramel notes. Similar to many Irish style stouts, but a bit sweeter and more flavorful. Locally-grown rolled oats contribute a full body and silky mouthfeel.

Brewed and released annually on the Winter Solstice. Available on draft (Nitro only) while it lasts.

Alcohol (ABV): 5.5%
Hops (IBU): 33
Color (SRM): 37

Funk ‘n’ Barrels Act III. In honor of the late Merle Haggard, we brewed a Barrel-Aged Barleywine aged 7 months in Four Roses Bourbon Barrels.  This flavorful brew is exploding with notes of dark fruit, vanilla, and bourbon. Honky Tonk Angel clocks in at a whopping 11.3% ABV, so expect a little heat on the finish to cut through the rich oakiness and malt.

Alcohol (ABV): 11.3%

The RBQ Smokehouse Brew is a smoked Scottish Style Ale, crafted for our friends at Ray Brothers BBQ up the road in Bouckville. They use applewood to cold smoke the NYS Pale Malt we add to their house brew. Lightly smokey & slightly sweet with a creamy texture.

Available on draft only at Good Nature Farm Brewery & Tap Room and Ray Brothers BBQ.

Alcohol (ABV) : 6.0%
Hops (IBU) : 25
Color (SRM) : 15

Rotation Nation Series


When Good Nature opened in 2010, there were only 65 breweries in all of New York State, and most focused on making a few great core beers. Just 6 years later, we arefast approaching 500 NY breweries, and with that comes thousands of new beers. We’ll never stop making your favorite GNB brews, but we’ve created a a series in response to the ever changing rotational nature of Craft Beer.

About every 6 weeks, you can expect a new limited release IPA. Enjoy the robust juicy flavors of our new IPA series, featuring different hops from all over the world, but always with New York State malt and hops as the backbone of each recipe.

Beginning with Rotation Nation II, limited amounts of beers in this series will be available in 4-packs of 16oz cans at the Farm Brewery, the Broad Street Tap Room and in distribution (when possible). Rotation Nation Series beers will be on draft at select bars, restaurants and stores where Good Nature Beers are carried (ask at your favorite spot!).


Rotation Nation I: The first beer in the Rotation Nation series, Rotation Nation I is a hazy, juicy New England Style IPA. The foundation of the recipe is New York State malt and hops, but the aroma and bold fruity flavors are punched up by the Citra and Mosaic hops used to double-dry-hop the brew near the end of its journey. This late addition of hops ensures that the delicate oils from the hops make it into each pint glass for the freshest tasting beer around.

Rotation Nation II: Featuring New Zealand’s Motueka hops, this brew has a citrus-lime character perfectly complimenting its NYS ingredients. Something exciting to sip while you wait for spring! Find it across NYS!

Rotation Nation III: The third brew in the series features a unique blend of Azacca and Amarillo hops, which impart distinct flavors of grapefruit, lemon, and overripe mango. Rotation Nation III will be released (in cans & on draft) on 4/20, just in time for the Farm Brewery’s 1st Anniversary Party.

Kung Foeder Series


Good Nature’s Foeders (FOOD-ers) are named Bruce and Jackie after the Kung-Fu legends! These large white oak tanks, hand-built by Foeder Crafters of America, allow the beer to age similar to how it would in a barrel, but as the beer is in one vessel with a much larger capacity, the finished product is more consistent. We look forward to releasing a wide array of sour beers with help from Bruce and Jackie for years to come!

The first beer in the series, Jackie: Batch 1, aged for a year, as it takes time for the cultures to populate the tank and work their magic on the beer. The aging time will reduce as the foeders go through more batches.

Read about Good Nature’s sour beer program—where it started and where it’s going—in this article from beer writer, Don Cazentre.


Jackie: Batch 1  The first release in our new Kung Foeder Series. It’s a golden sour ale based on our Bavarian Dream, an unfiltered German-style wheat beer. It sits at 5 percent alcohol with an acidity level of 3.17, for a tart finish. Jackie: Batch 1 aged in the foeder for over a year and will be available on draft and in 500ml bottles upon release at the Farm Brewery’s 1st Anniversary Party.

We brewed Tough Cookie to honor the tough cookies in our lives. Medium-bodied with a creamy mouth feel and notes of peach, apricot, papaya, and tangerine on the nose. Slight hints of resin and black tea in the background of the flavor profile.

Alcohol (ABV): 5.5%
Hops (IBU): 30
Color (SRM): 3.6

The Bavarian Dream is a refreshing & summery traditional Bavarian wheat beer brewed with local hops and NY grown wheat and barley. Medium bodied, light gold in color, with notes of banana and spice imparted by the yeast.

Alcohol (ABV) : 5.0%
Hops (IBU) :12
Color (SRM) : 5

Funk ‘n’ Barrels Act II. We took Divine Symmetry and let it age for one year in oak barrels. What we got was not just simply divine, but refined and divine. With notes of funk, vanilla, pluot and cherries, this smooth sipper comes in at 7.7 % ABV.

Alcohol (ABV): 7.7%

An American Pale Wheat with generous amounts of NY-grown hard red winter wheat and just the right amount of Mosaic hops. A bouquet of citrusy hops on the nose and a hazy orange, tan color in the glass compliment the malty sweetness followed by notes of orange zest.

Alcohol (ABV): 5.5%
Hops (IBU): 35
Color (SRM)


A Wet Hop IPA brewed with fresh local hops from our neighbors’ farms & backyards. This beer is brewed less than 24 hours after harvest. Hop varieties used vary from season to season, but the recipe & technique remains the same each year.

Alcohol (ABV): 6.5%
Hops (IBU)
Color (SRM)


We aged our Raz-Bretty Porter in bourbon barrels with brettanomyces and fresh raspberries. The funky sour flavors from the yeast meld with subtle oak and bourbon notes. Raspberries impart a refreshing flavor & aroma reminiscent of a fine framboise liqueur.

Alcohol (ABV): 7.5%
Hops (IBU)
Color (SRM)


A Belgian Saison style ale brewed with local wildflower honey from Schlernitzauer Apiaries in Earlville, NY and locally grown ginger from Szarek Farms in Westmoreland, NY. French Saison yeast imparts a pleasant tartness. Ginger and Cascade and Chinook hops contribute subtle floral & spicy notes. Finish is crisp and Semi-dry.

Alcohol (ABV) : 6.5%
Hops (IBU)
Color (SRM)


An innovative collaboration with Ithaca Brewing Co., & first ever in the “Wort is Bond” Series. A variation on the pale Belgian style known as saison, often called “farmhouse ale” due to their history of being brewed in the countryside. Tart, with complex “funky” and fruity/earthy notes from the yeast and a grainy, nutty character from the blend of malts. Highly attenuated and fairly bitter, with a floral hop character mostly obscured by the yeast. Brewed almost exclusively with NY State grown ingredients.

Alcohol (ABV): 3.5%
Hops (IBU)
Color (SRM)


Named for Brewer, Luke Thorley. A traditional English-style pale ale. Character is well-balanced between subtly floral hops and nutty/toasty malt. This is a medium bodied brew more flavorful than its low ABV would suggest.

Alcohol (ABV): 3.5%
Hops (IBU)
Color (SRM)

A Session Rye IPA and a collaboration with one of our favorite local bands: Rabbit in the Rye.” Hop forward, with a spicy/grassy character that is complimented and amplified by the flavor of the NY State grown rye. Dry and bitter yet quenching and very drinkable. Like the band, a balance between rustic, earthy tones, and progressive flavor.

Alcohol (ABV): 5%
Hops (IBU): 50
Color (SRM)


One of our co-founder’s original home-brew recipes—a robust Porter amplified with roasted chicory root. Roasty and fairly dry, with a pronounced coffee note from the chicory. Features the rich character of darker malts without the sweetness of many higher ABV porters. Bitterness is moderate and hop character is low to none. *NOTE: No actual chocolate or coffee in this ale!

Alcohol (ABV): 5.8%
Hops (IBU)
Color (SRM)


An Imperial Irish Style Red Ale with a hoppy twist. Brewed with NY State barley, hard red winter wheat, and local Cascade & Chinook hops. These special ingredients lend this beer unique flavor profiles.

Alcohol (ABV): 8.2%
Hops (IBU)
Color (SRM)


Our Winter Warmer. A Belgian Dark Strong Ale brewed with local honey, cinnamon & nutmeg.

Alcohol (ABV): 8.5%
Hops (IBU)
Color (SRM)