Current Specialty Beers

*These are our 2016 Specialty Brews! Some, we may only brew one time. Some may only be available at the Tap Room while supplies last! Check out the sidebar for a list of what’s on tap now at our Tap Room.

A riff on our acclaimed Bière de Marc, Without ReGarde showcases NYS red winter wheat and Chinook hops from our friends at Mosher Farms. The twist comes from a “kettle souring” technique that brings out a tartness from the Lactobacillus to unfermented wort, and is complimented by dry-hopping with over 2 pounds of American hops per barrel. Aromas of pineapple and passionfruit welcome notes of white sangria, granny smith apples, and light bready malt finish.

Alcohol (ABV) : 6.2%
Hops (IBU) :33
Color (SRM) : 42

Our take on a Bière de Mars, this brew was named for our former Head Brewer, Marc Fishel. Nutty but fairly dry with a slightly spicy character and mildly grassy or herbal aroma (Not unlike Marc, himself)!

Alcohol (ABV) : 6.0%
Hops (IBU) : 20
Color (SRM) : 6

Kettle soured and lightly dry hopped, this beer is light bodied, dry, and refreshingly tart. With notes of lemon zest, guava, spruce and a hint of coriander, this brew pairs perfectly with warm weather and good friends.

Alcohol (ABV) : 6.2%
Hops (IBU) :33
Color (SRM) : 42

A straw colored session IPA with a slight haze and medium body from the addition of NY wheat malt. Well balanced and not over-bitter with a generous fruity character on the nose. Some biscuity malt notes with a slightly herbal finish from the NY hops. Easy drinking light-hearted ale.

Alcohol (ABV) : 3.2%
Hops (IBU)
Color (SRM)

We loaded up Four Roses bourbon barrels with a rich porter and just enough in-house cold brew Columbia-Finca El Ocaso coffee beans courtesy of friends at Peaks Coffee Company in Nelson. The result is a truly intoxicating blend of dark chocolate aromas, a full bourbon nose, notes of espresso, vanilla, maple and amaretto on the finish. This brew has a full body and rich mouthfeel capable of handling the cornucopia of bold flavors.

Alcohol (ABV) : 7.9%
Hops (IBU) : 48
Color (SRM) : 33

A medium bodied beer brewed with NY grown tricale.  Its spicy backbone compliments pear, clove, and white pepper notes.

Alcohol (ABV) : 5.2
Hops (IBU) : 24
Color (SRM) : 3.8

A version of our American Brown Ale brewed with roasted & spiced locally-grown pumpkin from our friends at Mosher Farms.

Alcohol (ABV) : 6.2%
Hops (IBU) : 47
Color (SRM) : 27

An imperial chocolate stout brewed with cocoa nibs & cocoa powder to commemorate the day, in September 1955, that a freight train carrying a load of Nestle chocolate derailed from the Ontario and Western Railroad in Hamilton just yards from our brewery.

Alcohol (ABV) : 3.5%
Hops (IBU) : 4
Color (SRM) : 3