We founded Good Nature Brewing in 2010 with the aim of brewing our beer with hops & barley from local farmers and having a positive impact on our community. We apply the farm-to-glass ethos to all aspects of our company, including our Good Nature Farm Brewery kitchen.

We source meats, veggies, dairy and more directly from local famers to handcraft delicious, scratch-made pizzas, salads, brunch specials, and more!


From co-founder, Carrie Blackmore:

Today is my dad’s birthday. John was a big-time foodie, and it is in large part from him where I developed my love of all good things to eat. He also taught me how to garden, cook, and eat seasonally. He bought me my first draft beer and taught me how to pour what he considered the perfect pint (we later disagreed on this!).
He never saw the brewery, but Good Nature’s laid-back & friendly atmosphere where  folks feel at home & comfortable meeting new people would’ve been right up his alley!


Love of all things food connects many threads of Good Nature’s history: co-founders Matt & Carrie met on an organic farm, and before Good Nature, Matt was living the professional scratch-made kitchen life.


By now, most folks have heard of farm-to-table cooking or the slow food movement, & Good Nature is committed to expanding the idea of farm-to-glass beer. This is beer you can’t get just anywhere–it’s tied to the families we come from, the community around us, & the rich soil of New York State.


It’s also Colgate’s commencement this weekend, so a big congratulations to the Class of ’18 from a line of Blackmores:
Carrie ’08, John ’68, and Robert ’41.


Cheers to you all as you journey out from Hamilton, and we hope you take a love of great local beer with you!