The Following is our formal request to the Village of Hamilton to re-zone the parcel upon which we are proposing to build our new brewery.  We received no formal response to this letter.   We did end up hand delivering directly to our codes enforcement officer.  He was able to verify with the Village attorney that we were on the agenda for the 9/24 Planning Board Meeting referenced in the letter. You can read about the outcome of the 9/24 Planning Board Meeting here.


Date: Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Village of Hamilton Planning Board: Chairman Morgan Larson

Village of Hamilton Board of Trustees: Mayor Bob McVaugh

Village of Hamilton Codes Enforcement Officer: Don Forth

3 Broad Street

Hamilton, NY 13346

RE: Re-Submitted Preliminary Development Plan & Re-Zoning Request for Good Nature Brewing, Inc.


Please find included an updated preliminary development plan for Good Nature’s expansion project at 1727 Route 12B

South. A plan and site boundaries were originally submitted to the Planning Board in time for their regular meeting of

6/25/15. It has since been updated with information about lighting, signage, storm water, utilities and traffic as requested at

that meeting. Additional materials requested at the 6/25 meeting, were submitted to Jerry Fuller and Don Forth via email on

7/22 in time for the regular planning board meeting on 7/23. We submitted this way at Jerry Fuller’s recommendation given

that Chairman Larson was on vacation. The materials submitted included a storm water management narrative and

Environmental Assessment Form as requested at the 6/25 meeting. In addition to the Preliminary Development Plan, site

boundaries, storm water narrative, and EAF, included are building elevations, a set of preliminary SWPPP drawings and

accompanying calculations, and a 2011 Wetland Assessment report.

Please, consider this letter our formal request for a zoning change to the parcel indicated by the included documentation at

1727 Route 12B South now in the Village of Hamilton. We would like to request that the parcel be re-zoned from I-1 to a

Planned District. We request that the Planned District allow all uses allowed under the parcel’s previous Commercial 1

zoning under the Town of Hamilton in addition to all of the uses indicated in our application.

The following may seem harsh but, in context, we feel we must address these issues now as our project’s viability is at stake.

We attended a meeting last night during which, when asked, the Village Board was unable to outline the process and during

which it became evident that some members of the board were unaware that the above materials had been submitted.

This is one of the larger development projects that the Village has had to consider in years. We continue to be disturbed by

the lack of direction and communication throughout this process in spite of Good Nature’s best efforts to gain clarity on this

process and execute accordingly. We have been in conversations with the Village regarding our plans since August 2014.

This lack of direction and communication has been detrimental to our project’s timeline and, increasingly, to our

relationship with the Village. With this letter, we hereby request a step-by-step guide outlining the remainder of the local

public approval process and timeline prepared by the Village’s attorney and signed by the Codes Enforcement Officer, the

Mayor, and the Chairman of the Planning Board. Please include an itemized list of every document you will need from us

and when. Good Nature and its project are under significant scrutiny from parties ranging from financiers, to the local press,

to the New York State and even Federal Governments. By Proxy, the Village Government will also come under the same scrutiny. A written explanation of the process would be for everyone’s benefit including Good Nature, the Village, our

lenders, investors, New York State, both our attorneys, and the community itself.

This project could be a tremendous boon to the area in terms of tourism, job creation and training, and in its substantial

affect on other local industry, agriculture and business. Every other governmental and private entity to which we have related

regarding this project sees its value and has been working expeditiously to help it come to fruition. We have seen so little

progress from the local end, that we are concerned that our project will not be viable here and are actually beginning to

question whether the Village government does in fact support the idea of our project here in Hamilton. If the Village

government is not in support of this project, in theory, please let us know so we can choose to re-locate and move forward in

a more receptive municipality.

We would like to assume that the Village does want this project to move forward. Having shared our concerns, we hope we

can all now begin to work together productively to make this project a priority so that we can meet our timeline and break

ground this Spring. In confirmation of this hope, please confirm receipt of this letter and attached documents. Please, also

confirm that we are on the agenda for the next planning board meeting on 9/24/15 to review our request for re-zoning and

the attached documents. Lastly, please, confirm that you will schedule a public hearing for the Village Board’s next regular

meeting, or sooner if possible, on the issue of our request for the re-zoning of the parcel in questions as a Planned District

to accommodate our project.


Carrie Blackmore, President

Good Nature Brewing, Inc.