We founded Good Nature Brewing in 2010 with the aim of brewing our beer with hops & barley from local farmers and having a positive impact on our community. In 2013, we became one of New York’s first Farm Breweries and further solidified our commitment to sourcing locally.

We apply the farm-to-glass ethos to all aspects of our company, including our Good Nature Farm Brewery kitchen. We source meats, veggies, dairy and more directly from local famers to handcraft delicious, scratch-made pizzas, salads, brunch specials, and more!  We get a lot of kudos for our house burger, so we’d like to introduce you to Ingallside Meadows Farm.  Ingallside supplies us with, among other things, the pastured-raised beef that makes “The Burger” so good.

Daniel & Joanna Kline have been part of the Central New York community for 13 years. They moved from Ohio to start a family farm where they could raise animals on pasture and provide farm-fresh products directly to their neighbors as well as local restaurants. Ingallside Meadows Farm is located in Madison County, just south of Canastota.

The Klines raise chickens, turkeys, and beef cattle on the rich pasture they’ve built up at their farm. Rotational grazing builds the health of the soil, grass, and as a result, the animals. The Klines aim to not only provide the highest quality products for their customers, but also to leave the land better for the next generation.

We source whole animals from Ingallside Meadows Farm. Utilizing a whole animal takes an entirely different approach in a kitchen than just ordering so many pounds of ground beef. The bones are used for rich stocks that go into our daily soups, roasts are beer-braised for specials, and on occasion, we’ll toss steaks on the wood-fired grill for an amazing brunch!

We’re thrilled to be able to source local ingredients of such high quality and create delicious food for everyone who visits the Farm Brewery. Of course, our beertenders are always happy to help you pair the perfect dish with your favorite brew!