On Deck:


The canning line is running today, and we’re packing up Good Natured Blonde! Other than that, it’s a very hoppy week in the brewery, full of IPA variations–read up on the styles below:

Blight Buster‘s dry hop started yesterday and Rotation Nation IV‘s dry hop will start tomorrow. Rotation Nation IV’s dry hop will happen over the course of several days, starting with all the hops (Galaxy, Citra, & NY Centennial) together, and then individually added. To top it all off, a fresh batch of Annie will be brewed as well!


A side note: the date coder was down for a couple days in mid-May, so if you encounter undated cans of Blight Buster or Good Natured Blonde in the wild, they’ll be from that one little stretch.

If you’re interested in the nuts and bolts of the brewing process, we offer brewery tours every weekend!