We had a definitive Planning Board Meeting last Tuesday, so we thought it was time for an update!  They made the recommendation for re-zoning of the parcel to a planned district based on our development plan.  Next step is the meeting with the Village Board at which they will vote on the Planning Board’s recommendation for rezoning, is 11/17.  We will have the votes, so no big red flags there.  Once they vote, we’ll head back to the Planning Board on 12/9.  Because of the way things have progressed, we have already provided them with almost everything they will need to make their final determination that night with one major exception:

They made final project approval contingent upon our making accommodations for pedestrian traffic.  

Here are the bullet points:

 –  Running an actual sidewalk along 12B isn’t really feasible from either an engineering standpoint or a financial one.

–  A footpath or trail has been raised as an alternative, but it would have to run through Private (Colgate University) property to get to ours.

–  We have a great option for a path. We already need easements from Colgate in order for us to run water and gas lines to our parcel. It just so happens that the location of these easements would be a good option for the proposed path.


– We’ve had some preliminary conversations with Colgate that  look fairly promising, but the administration had not yet weighed in.

– Hamilton’s Partnership for Community Development is working on some projects in the coming year to connect and expand the Village’s trails.  It seems there could be some excellent opportunities for collaboration here and Hamilton could have a new recreational trail. The location of the proposed path would have it running along the old Chenango Canal Path and adjacent to DEC wetlands. It could be a really great nature trail that would promote more walking, running, and biking in the Village.

Provided we can go to our 12/9 meeting with some kind of plan to accommodate pedestrians, among some other minor changes needed to our site plan, the Planning Board could be in a position to approve our project that night and we can plan to break ground this spring!

Cross your fingers that our path plan works!