Last Thursday (9/24) we attended an important public meeting regarding our expansion project. It was the first of several that will determine whether The Project will move forward in Hamilton. Thank you to those of you who attended or wrote letters on our behalf!  The good news: The Planning Board has started to review our site plan. The less than good news: they were not able to recommend the re-zoning of our parcel that evening and are now requiring us to provide materials usually associated with a full-blown site plan as opposed to a preliminary plan.  This will require us to take a leap of faith and invest a good bit more time, money and energy into the plans before even knowing whether the Planning Board will recommend re-zoning so we can build. The Planning Board Members were very gracious and reassuring (Thanks Planning Board!), but we are still uncertain as to the level of support we have from all Village of Hamilton Officials and leery that the approval process will be slow enough that it could delay the project so much that it become inviable. We have formally requested some kind of show of good faith that the Village will prioritize the project and help us meet our timeline to break ground this spring (2016).  We will keep you updated via the brewsletter  andfacebook as to when the next public meetings will occur and what will be discussed. If you would like to help support our project:
1) if you are from Hamilton or are a member of the press, consider attending the public meetings (announced in local papers as well as by us here in the brewsletter and on facebook)
2) If you don’t live in Hamilton, but want to support our project, please consider submitting a letter in support of our project. Even if its just to say you like driving out to Hamilton to visit us and get your growler filled and maybe grab a bite at a local eatery for instance. To send a letter, fill out this online for or send your letter to Good Nature at 37 Milford street Ste. 3 Hamilton, NY 13346 or the Hamilton Village Office addressed to the Village Board of Trustees at 3 Broad Street Hamilton, NY 13346. 
Feel free to get in touch with us if you’d like some guidance or have any questions!
Read Co-Founder Carrie Blackmore’s open letter to the Hamilton Community regarding the 9/24 public meeting here.