This Saturday we release our first ever Lager on draft at the Farm Brewery & Tap Room!
Packet Line Pils 4% ABV
In true Good Nature fashion, we brewed our first ever lager with 100% NY grown malt & hops from 1886 Malt and Chimney Bluffs Hoppery. Our friends from The Ruck in Troy invited us, along with 19 other NY breweries, to celebrate their 20th anniversary by brewing a beer with them, and we decided to create our Packet Line Pils! To celebrate this milestone, we’re honoring the Chenango Canal.  The Chenango was a feeder canal to the famous Erie Canal that runs behind our Farm Brewery. It played an important role in opening up Madison County’s agricultural bounty by making local hops available all over NY state to be made into beer!  The name “packet line” comes from the packet boats that carried hops and other freight along the canal.  Even though the Chenango closed 140 years ago, its legacy lives on in our Packet Line Pils.  What better way to connect the dots from Madison county hops to NY’s capital region!