“Partly Guile”
English Dark Mild
3.4% ABV —- 12 IBU
The little brother of a brew we have in the works, Partly Guile is a Parti-Gyle. When brewing a particularly strong ale, the mash still contains usable sugars and brewers use to make a lower alcohol beer off the second runnings, adding more water to the mash. The big beer would age and the small beer would be served fresh. Our mild and brown small beer showcases NY Rye and is finished with a light dry hop of Liberty hops. A touch of roast blends with the a bread crust malt backbone and finishes with spicy notes of rye and a hint of orange peel. A great spring beer when you want something dark that is not too heavy and is still refreshing. This beer pairs well with back porch sunsets, campfires, and sharp cheddar cheese. Looks out for versions of this beer on cask, nitro and draft at the taproom in the very near future!
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