Lucky Sunday!

You know what they say about the number 7. Sundays are lucky here at the Good Nature Tap Room! On Sundays, when you buy your first draft, we’ll give you a raffle ticket. At the top of every hour we will draw a number out of a jar. The lucky winner will get a free pint of…


Beer Mixology

     We’ve developed some tasty Beer Mixers/Cocktails over the years. Some of you may have enjoyed an 80s Prom or a Dirt Farmer before but, until now, these mixers have been all word of mouth. Starting today, on Thursdays, we’ll break out our Special Mixer Menu for you to peruse, and you too can enjoy our…



No, Brewmaster  Matt Whalen will not be gracing our stage on this particular night.  BUT we are excited to welcome Me & Matt to the Tap Room! Come down and check out this talented Bluegrass 4 piece from Ithaca, NY.


Tap Room Turns 2!

Two years ago on 5/15/13, we opened our Tap Room. The walls and ceiling hadn’t even been painted and we were majorly short on seating, but we had beer on tap and hope in our hearts. 2 years and 5 paint colors later, the Tap Room has become our way of sharing the Good Nature culture with our…