We brewed Tough Cookie to honor the tough cookies in our lives—those who have worked hard, struggled hard, and persevered. Cheers to them! We wouldn’t be the same without their sweetness and their strength.

This Rye IPA is medium-bodied with a creamy mouth feel. Usually rye is used to accent a spice character, but instead, we masked the spice from the rye and highlighted the mouth feel by using it in conjunction with wheat, oats, and lactose (milk sugar). The lactose is unfermentable by the yeast and contributes to the body of the finished brew. The proteins from the grains help hop polyphenols to bond at a molecular level and create a lasting aroma and flavor for the fruity new school American hops we’ve used, particularly El Dorado and Idaho 7 (along with loads of NY-grown Cascade—about 11 pounds!).

Tough Cookie starts with notes of peach, apricot, papaya, and tangerine on the nose, and finishes with slight hints of resin and black tea in the background of flavor profile.


Tough Cookie

Specialty IPA (Rye Beer)

ABV 5.7%
IBU 40